“Between stimulus and

        response there is a


                                                           In that space is our power

                                                           to choose a response.

                                                           In our response lies our growth

                                                           and our freedom.”

                                                              Viktor Frankl

Deep Stream Leadership offers a fresh take on leadership development. We develop individuals and teams who can lead organizations to meet and leverage the interpersonal, and diversity and inclusion challenges we are all facing. Our approach is a unique combination of high-impact experiential learning, skill-building through practice, whole-body exercises, and somatic coaching that support changes in mindset and behavior. All supported with research and frameworks relevant to performance: Neuroscience. Emotional Intelligence. Interpersonal Communication. Blind Spots & Bias. Managing Triggers. Diversity & Group Dynamics.

4 Pillars of Impact

Learning By Doing

Experiential learning and whole-body practices support immediate progress towards concrete and lasting change.

Essential Feedback

Perceptive and actionable feedback is the ONLY way to know if the impact you have is aligned with the outcomes you want.

Unlock Barriers

Transform self-criticism, self-doubt, fear of conflict, assumptions, and unconscious bias that often sabotage success.


Internal External

A grounded internal core is a deep foundation for being open, flexible, creative, resilient and impactful in the external world.

It’s harder and harder to be effective given the incessant demands on our time and attention. I founded Deep Stream Leadership to support the personal and professional leadership that’s needed in our complex world today. I partner to renew grounded purpose, build self-awareness and interpersonal influence, boldly shape possibility, and re-discover fun and fulfillment in areas of life that matter the most.

Erica Peng

Founder, Deep Stream Leadership