What is your story as a leader?

What’s the story you would be proud to tell…looking back 2, 5, 10 years from now?


My approach to coaching involves cultivating internal grounded awareness and “presence,” transforming internal barriers that sabotage effectiveness despite best intentions and motivations (inner critic, perfectionist, self-doubt, etc.), and developing core skills and competencies through consistent practice. I incorporate whole-body and somatic coaching to help develop embodied leadership presence and competencies over time.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Awareness of reactions and ability to manage “triggers” that can derail performance
  • Increased comfort with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Clear and authentic communication
  • Interpersonal influence through building safety and rapport
  • Giving direct and constructive feedback in ways that influence others vs. evoke defensiveness and resistance
  • Navigating difficult conversations and conflict in ways that build relationship and connection
  • Acting on feedback to improve personal and team performance
  • Building team safety, trust, and performance amidst complex dynamics of diversity and difference

I also support you to clarify your aspirations for meaningful purpose in the arenas of work and life that are most important to you. Your goals, needs, challenges, and aspirations drive each session. Together we strategize next steps as you make progress from consistent practice and make grounded choices from an empowered center. As your champion, I reflect back your strengths (and internal barriers) that may often go unnoticed, as well as challenge you to stretch yourself and step into your embodied leadership.



I work with each team member individually and also the team together as a group. The opportunity here is to develop individual leadership and build team capacity, collaboration and performance, in the context of real-time team dynamics and challenges.